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Thanks to the Prosper Community | Prosper Reaches $1 Billion in Loans


On April 3rd 2014, Prosper did something amazing…


We reached


in peer-to-peer loans issued!

Because of the awesome Prosper peer-to-peer lending community, we have been able to do things like…

Grow over


in just 0 short years

Issue over


personal loans

And create a community with

75,699 Investors

93,321 Borrowers

…the majority of that $1 billion was used by borrowers to reduce debt and pay off credit cards,

but people also used the money to do remarkable things like

purchase new vehicles

pay their medical bills

& renovate their homes

…all over the entire country!

People started learning about the benefits of choosing P2P over traditional credit sources…

…and haven’t looked back since!

So what can you do with


Some people get Tranquility Sleep Pods


Others buy life-sized Game of Thrones Replica Thrones

Some even convert their living rooms into the Star Trek Enterprise!


But our favorite thing of all…


is when people use our loans to put their minds at ease and their finances in order…

Check out these real-world testimonials from people who recently discovered Prosper peer-to-peer lending:

Devon A.

Debt Consolidation Loan

“I just want to say that Prosper has definitely changed my financial future. I can now see the light at the end of the debt tunnel. I wasn’t sure at first with this unique way of lending if it was right for me, but after a year of set payments and no credit card debt, I can’t say thank you enough. Prosper is the only way to get out of debt for sure.”


Dianna W.

Personal Loan

“I prefer Prosper over conventional bank loans simply because it’s a peer-to-peer lending solution. Why should the banks reap all the benefits? People investing in their fellow citizens gives me hope for this country.”


Kathleen B.

Small Business Loan

“I used my loan through Prosper to redesign my website so it would be search engine friendly. The process was thorough and seamless. I think I am right where I should be right now!”


Here’s some stuff we’ve learned after issuing $1 billion in loans:

The most popular day for loans to get posted is Monday

Our best day of loan fundings was March 19, 2014 when over $5 million in loans were funded!

Our favorite loan purpose was a loan to help an author publish a limited-print children’s book about the experiences of a little tugboat named Tiny Tug, titled Tiny Tug Adventures on San Francisco Bay!

Despite Prosper & the peer-to-peer lending industry’s magnificent growth,
we still have barely scratched the surface of the personal loan market!

Prosper vs. Lending Market

But if the last couple years are any indication,
the future of our company and our peer-to-peer community is prosperous.

So here’s to the next


Thanks for joining us along the way!

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1Annual Percentage Rates (APR) by Prosper Rating range from 6.99% (AA) to 35.36% (HR) for first-time borrowers. To qualify for an AA Prosper Rating, applicants must have excellent credit and meet other conditions. For example, a five-year $10,000 loan with a Prosper Rating of AA would have an interest rate of 8.69% (9.99% APR) and 60 scheduled monthly payments of $306. Rate offered is based on Prosper Rating and other factors, and your actual rate may differ.

2According to the Minimum Payment Calculator ( This estimate assumes a 15.34% interest rate (national average variable credit card rate as of 3/26/2014, based on data) and a minimum payment equal to 2% of outstanding balance plus any new interest. Your actual minimum payment, payoff time, and payoff cost will depend on your account terms and any future account activity.

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